Boulder Pilates Class Descriptions

We offer 5 different types of Pilates classes, from therapeutic to advanced levels. All of our classes are limited to 4-5 students per class.

The Pilates equipment is spring-tensioned, and uses eccentric contraction to create strong, long and lean muscle. The design of the equipment allows for a variety of movements and positions, including sitting, standing, lying down, upside down, forward bending, back bending, twisting, side bending and more. You will feel the deep core conditioning of Pilates as you engage the springs with your abdominals and other core musculature.

There are over 500 exercises in the Pilates repertoire, making classes challenging and fun. Each piece of Pilates equipment offers unique qualities to the movements, and all of the exercises are built upon the same fundamental principles.

All classes are 55 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. Due to small class sizes, reservations are recommended to guarantee your space in class.

If you suffer from chronic pain or injuries, we do recommend that you start with at least one Private one-on-one lesson prior to enrolling in any of the group classes.

Pilates Reformer Class

The Reformer incorporates springs, straps, bars and pulleys to deeply strengthen and condition your whole body. It is distinguished by its contained structure, which intensifies the spring resistance, and a sliding platform that connects your movements directly to the springs.

Pilates Total Workout Class

The Pilates Total Workout (TWS) is an open structure that incorporates mat, springs, poles and bars to provide full body conditioning. It includes a dynamic series of arm and leg work through spring resistance. Your spine rolls and bends in various directions with the support and resistance of the springs. This strengthens and conditions your abdominal and back muscles, and restores your spinal mobility.

Pilates Chair Class

The Chair is a compact union of springs attached to a moving lever. It provides the least amount of support, which helps build core stability and full body strength. It incorporates a challenging series of standing exercises that improve balance and coordination.

Pilates Equipment Class

Each week, students work on a different piece of Pilates equipment, rotating between the Reformer, Total Workout System and Chair.

Pilates Mat Class

We limit our Mat Class to 5 students per class, so that we can observe, correct, and make the necessary modifications to support each individual. Pilates Mat is done on a cushioned mat.

Classes may incorporate small props, such as balls, foam rollers, the Pilates circle, and other fitness tools.

Mat work is the foundation of the Pilates Method, because it helps you develop the fundamental strength and stability to move and support your body. It incorporates the Pilates principles of control, centering, concentration, breathing, precision and flow.

We will teach you to engage your muscles properly and deeply, moving your body in a variety of ways.

Boulder Pilates Reformer Class

Pilates Reformer Classes

Boulder Pilates Total Workout Class

Pilates Total Workout Classes

Boulder Pilates Classes Mat Ring

Pilates Mat Classes

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