Boulder Pilates Class Levels

Boulder Pilates class levels are offered from therapeutic to advanced.

Therapeutic Pilates Class

You may not have been able to do group fitness classes or Pilates classes in the past due to neck, back, knee or shoulder pain. If so, the therapeutic Pilates class level is for you. This class is ideal if you may have difficulty lifting your head up off the mat. It's also a good fit if you've been told that you cannot do Pilates, or that you should not even be exercising. Special emphasis is placed on education, core strengthening, segmental spinal stability, and correcting faulty movement patterns.

At least 1 private session and/or instructor approval is required to enroll in this class.

Level 1

This level is for beginners. You will learn and build upon the fundamentals of Pilates.

Level 2

This level is for intermediate students. Students must know the fundamentals of Pilates. You will learn more complex and challenging exercises, and move at a faster pace.

Level 3

This level is for advanced students. You will be introduced to the most advanced exercises and concepts of the Pilates Method. You will learn movements that build a combination of strength, flexibility, postural alignment, body symmetry, balance, and coordination performed with precision, flow and awareness.

Mixed Level

This class is unique in that it will allow for students of all levels to participate fully at their capability in a group setting. Each student will be challenged and engaged.

Boulder Pilates Total Workout Class
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