"I suffered from periodic back spasms for twenty years. The last few episodes put me in the hospital. I gave up golf and basketball, and had trouble with a hike of more than a few miles. About a year ago I started Pilates at BoulderBodyworks. The back problems have disappeared. A few weeks ago I played 72 holes of golf in two days. I’m playing basketball again, although my teenager is still beating me. Oh well, there are no miracles, but Pilates has truly changed my quality of life."
– Michael H.

"I wanted to thank you for the support, patience, and cheering you have done for me over the 8 months since my back surgery (Christmas will mark my 9-month anniversary). Your passion and knowledge for what you do have made all the difference. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the gift of health. There is nothing I am more thankful for in this holiday season than my health. You were such a big part of my return to it. May everyone who deals with a recovery like mine have a team of people like you in their court. I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with each and everyone of you."
– Kay Cee

Back Pain
Back Pain

"I started Pilates at the recommendation of my medical doctor for a low back injury resulting from an automobile accident. Pilates has been more helpful to me than anything else that I have tried. Since starting Pilates, my back issues have steadily improved. I have less pain, more flexibility and I have an easier time walking, bicycling and doing everyday tasks. Pilates has helped me to feel more in synch with my body, psyche and spirit. It has been very important to get my Pilates appointment each week."
– Carol Layton

"I have been working with BoulderBodyworks since early 2006 following a car accident and the transformation in my overall health and strength is remarkable. The team they have put together is amazing, wonderful, enjoyable, and kind. I am so thankful to have found them."
– Michelle W.

Boulder Pilates
Boulder Pilates

"It was my good fortune the day I was looking for help for an injured back that I got a LIVE person answering the phone at BoulderBodyworks! Renee Beshures, Pilates Instructor extraordinaire, just happened to have an opening that day. I was barely able to make it there due to excruciating lower back pain, but am I glad I did. Renee's kindness, expertise and encouragement were the keys to my recovery. Each of the instructors meet you at your level of ability and work with you from there. Even in a group class setting, you will get quality attention, because the classes are limited in size to insure everyone is satisfied.

To my great surprise, after regularly attending Pilates sessions I was able to resume my love and practice of Yoga that I had given up years ago after having a ruptured disc. I can honestly say Renee and David have attracted an amazing staff at the studio to nurture and heal their clients. If you are looking for your happy place, this is it. The atmosphere is non- competitive, quiet, and serene. It was hitting the lottery for me!"
– Grace M.

"I am the kind of person who pushes my body to its limits. Granted my limits are not Olympian. However, I know how to work too hard, play too hard, and inevitably hurt myself. I used to think pain was a normal part of living. I have had multiple surgeries and now live with a patchwork of scar tissue. Before I began working with David Schwartz, I had learned not to have high expectations of changing my body. Through his work, David has helped me live a fuller and healthier life."
– Kitty Edwards

Boulder Pilates Total Workout Class
Boulder Pilates Total Workout Class

"I have been taking mat classes at BoulderBodyworks now for almost six months and I am so pleased with both my experience and my results. I feel taller! I feel stronger! I notice that I am less likely to "tweak" my back when lifting or bending as I learn how to care for my spine in daily life. I've always been an active, athletic person, but I feel healthier and wiser about my body nowadays. I'm looking forward to getting longer, leaner, and more in tune with myself every week."
– Jenn Erickson

"I have been a client of David Schwartz's for more than 16 years now and can honestly say that his work has been nothing short of transformational for me. David has that truly rare fusion of innate gifts and skill, combined with a sincere humility and deep respect for the human body. This, along with his extensive knowledge base and unquenchable thirst for learning, make him a bodyworker with very few peers. I recommend him to all my clients."
– Amy Taylor Alpers

BoulderBodyworks Comprehensive Manual Therapy
BoulderBodyworks Comprehensive Manual Therapy

"I am a senior competitive runner in my 60's. Over the years, I realized the importance of continued maintenance of my body mechanics, nutrition, and adequate rest. For me, routine massage therapy at BoulderBodyworks has allowed me to enjoy running in my senior years without major injuries."
– Dr. Ross Westley, M.D.

"Pilates targets the areas of my body that were weakened as a result of the pregnancy and labor. I feel like I'm in better shape now than before the pregnancy."
– Deb

"Elizabeth is the BEST massage therapist I have ever found. As a martial artist, I train hard and my body likes to hold on to injury. With Elizabeth’s help, I am able to retrain my body and achieve more than I thought possible. Her work is incredible!"
– Mary

"I feel very fortunate to have found BoulderBodyworks. This studio is staffed with talented professionals who are focused on the cient’s total health and well-being. As a client, I look forward to the monthly newsletter as there is always a new offering to take advantage of."
– Melanie

"I am specifically a fan of Camcie. She is an EXCELLENT Pilates instructor with vast awareness and knowledge. My husband first went to her for an old shoulder injury from hockey. He liked so much that I went to see her for post-partum help. We have not been disappointed!"
– Sheila

Rolfing ®
Rolfing ®