Who is Pilates for?

The Pilates Method of exercise training works for everyone… Every Body!

If you are looking to improve you health and well-being, have more vitality and live your life more fully, start your Pilates program today.

Our professional staff at BoulderBodyworks is available from 7am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 7am-6pm Fridays, and 8:30am-4pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. If your schedule needs are different from this, please text or call our office at 303-444-2739 to discuss, as other hours may be available.

We offer private one-on-one sessions and small group classes. We also offer therapeutic classes for those with injuries and special needs.

Are you rehabilitating from injury?

Widely recommended by medical professionals, Pilates therapeutic exercise has been proven to help reduce pain caused by spinal injures and dysfunctions, disc and joint disease, fybromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes by promoting decompression of the joints and increasing strength and flexibility of muscle tissue.

Additionally, breath and relaxation training matched with improved body awareness will allow clients to release areas of deep tension and muscular holding that contribute to pain and decreased range of motion.

Do you want to prevent future injuries?

By improving postural alignment, freeing tight muscular patterns and creating deep strength, clients will build confidence and grace in their daily activities allowing for increased levels of performance with fewer injuries.

Are you an athlete or weekend warrior?

Individuals can enhance their performance by maintaining proper skeletal alignment and muscular balance while increasing joint mobility, blood flow and body awareness.

Are you looking for a workout that you can enjoy for a lifetime?

Pilates is a full body workout! A fun and challenging program that combines deep core strength, coordination, control and balance, Pilates works to reshape the body. It assists in creating long, lean muscles; strong, flexible joints; and graceful movement patterns.

Are you looking to lose weight and/or sculpt your body?

Pilates is an anaerobic form of exercise that uses deep and precise breathing instruction to increase endurance and boost the metabolism.

Clients will notice changes in their shape through toning and lengthening of muscular tissue. Often weight loss also occurs due to increased muscular activity and circulation.

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