Christina Der Calousdian

Integrative Manual Therapist, Cranial Therapist, FSMTB and LMT

Christina offers manual therapies for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain, neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, chronic illness, nervous system dysregulation, post-trauma, and surgical rehabilitation. Their holistic approach welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, acknowledging intersectional identity and unique life experience, knowing that you are the expert in yourself. Christina works with those seeking pain relief, symptom management, affirmative care, rehabilitation, somatic processing, or a deeper embodied connection to their experience.

A member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, Christina has received training from the Upledger Institute, the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, and the University of the Arts, to name a few. Their clinical training and continuing education consist of over two thousand hours of applied assessment and technique, some of which include: in-depth structural and functional assessment; fascial, cranial, and visceral therapies; soft tissue and scar mobilization; active and passive pain modulation; joint mobilization, nerve decompression, lymphatic drainage, somatoemotional release, and structural realignment. With a decade in practice, Christina has had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals concerning all manner of health experiences.