Tanja London

Certified Pilates Instructor and  Somatic Educator

Tanja is a somatic educator, Medical QiGong practitioner and interdisciplinary artist living in Boulder since August 2023. She has been teaching Pilates for 17 years and specializes in Fascial Pilates, a combination of Fascial Movement and Pilates.

Tanja loves to facilitate somatic experiences in order to nourish a deep physical connection and the ownership of one’s own body and dynamic alignment.

She is invested in teaching ways of moving that create an organic agility and joy in movement – in everyday life or within the context of chronic pain issues, injury rehab or athletic goals. Her teaching is characterized by highly individualized movement explorations guided by creating fascial connections and overall cell health. She focuses on a healthy resting length of muscles, spacious joints as well as suspending and catapulting strength.


Fascial Movement takes care of adhesion points within connective tissue and aims to restore smooth tissue gliding. It helps to re-pattern old habits, creates longer resting lengths of muscles and pain free joints. Most nerve endings live in fascial and connective tissue. Fascial Movement utilizes different movement modes to stimulate, sooth and reeducate the nervous system and their communication with the muscles and the body as a whole.

Exploration of fascial connections and how the fascial network can support the muscular effort are vital to Fascial Pilates. No matter how hard we try to stay strong while gathering years in our life, we will lose muscle mass when we get older. What will keep us upright and agile is the strengthening of the Fascial system.

Tanja looks forward to working with you!