Wynn Wolf

Integrative Manual Therapist, Cranial Therapist, FSTMB and LMT

Wynn offers eclectic hands-on therapies for individuals experiencing pain, injury, illness, surgical rehabilitation, post-trauma, and beyond. Her understanding of the body’s structural and functional dynamics is complemented by advanced orthopedic and osteopathic techniques. She has extensive education in anatomy, physiology, clinical embryology, and biomechanics, along with her specialized training in various manual therapy modalities.

Wynn’s introduction to the field of holistic health began with a curiosity for the innate human capacity for healing and self-restoration. Early in her career, she studied disciplines such as Ayurveda, Usui Reiki, Thai bodywork, Five Element Acupressure, and others. As her work evolved, she embraced osteopathic techniques for their gentle yet profound effectiveness in facilitating integration and revitalization. With training from institutions such as the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, the University of the Arts, and the Upledger Institute, Wynn’s clinical expertise and ongoing education span over two thousand hours of applied assessment and technique, including:

✥ Structural and functional assessment
✥ Fascial, visceral, and cranial therapies
✥ Positional release, METs, and counterstrain
✥ Soft tissue and scar mobilization
✥ Active and passive pain modulation
✥ Joint mobilization
✥ Nerve decompression
✥ Lymphatic drainage
✥ Somatic therapies
✥ Structural realignment

Transmuting life’s adversities into pathways for healing, growth, and vitality demands considerable artistry, a capacity that Wynn possesses through her individual experience. Whether alleviating pain, facilitating rehabilitation, or nurturing holistic well-being, Wynn’s distinctive and intuitive approach fosters transformations in body, mind, and spirit. She often collaborates with those seeking renewal, integration, or a deeper connection to their physical and emotional well-being. In over a decade of dedicated practice, Wynn has had the honor of providing empathy, compassion, and relief to thousands of individuals across all manner of health experiences.

In her leisure time, Wynn enjoys art and design, hiking, reading and research, movement practices, immersing herself in nature, and travel.