Annette Nathan

Integrative Manual Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, BCTMB and LMT

A massage therapist and bodyworker since 1996, Annette combines a keen interest in people, a deep listening practice and a dedicated and therapeutic skill set as key components to her style of bodywork. She has extensive training in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, initiate work, Huna psychospiritualprinciples and CranioSacral Therapy.

Annette has studied Thai Yoga Massage since 2003 both in the USA and in Chiang Mai, Thailand and finds it a profound and energizing healing modality for a wide range of conditions.  She was also certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute in 2015, and weaves many of these yogic principles in her bodywork and lifestyle.

When first arriving in the Boulder area in 2011, Annette practiced with a chiropractic group treating whiplash and spinal/vertebral injury patients and gained great compassion, insight and experience in the treatment of post traumatic soft tissue injuries. Working with the chiropractors led Annette into a more comprehensive understanding and treatment of the delicate balance that is our nervous system and it’s related structures.

In more recent years, Annette has chiefly focused on her Craniosacral Therapy continuing education.  Although training for this began in 1996, an intuitive and concentrated effort to expand further into this healing modality was driven by her own cervical diagnosis that threatened to interrupt her career.  She has completed numerous hours of advanced course work including Somato-Emotional Release, treating the Enteric Nervous system of the gut, Craniosacral Therapy for pediatrics and infants. She is proficient in techniques to improve nervous system healing, balance and restoration including those which focus on the glymphatic system of the brain, that system which acts as the lymphatic system in brain tissue, removing amyloid proteins and other byproducts of metabolism. These techniques are used to enhance the body’s own natural rhythm and innate self-healing ability. 

Annette is a native New Yorker but lived in Miami, Florida prior to moving to Boulder.  In addition to her bodywork experience, she is a Graduate of Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe and worked closely with Kevin Bowen, past president and co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance. She owned and operated the Oneness Center for Pilates and Bodywork from 2001 to 2011 until she left the big city to enjoy the beauty and energy of the Rockies. She lives with her  husband John, Frankie the Corgi, and has two grown children and two adorable grandboys.