Reneé Beshures

Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Massage Therapist
Movement Educator

Renée combines her vision as a bodyworker, movement educator, and teacher of Pilates and yoga to help her clients advance towards optimal health and wellbeing.

With 35 years of experience in health, fitness and rehabilitation, she has worked with a variety of clients of all ages.  Her unique approach to the body is in part based on her extensive study of the fascia’s role in anatomy, osteopathic principles, biomechanics, somatics, neuroplasticity and the Franklin Method of experiential anatomy and imagery.

Renée inspires and empowers people to access their mind/body intelligence with a practical understanding of their own anatomy through mindful movement and consistent practice. These skills go beyond exercise to cultivate presence, dignity and the state of being responsive and resilient in life.

In 1999 Renée along with her husband, David Schwartz, co-founded BoulderBodyworks with the vision of creating a center that offered a multi-disciplinary team based approach to helping others live a balanced, optimal life.