Online System Guide

Benefits of the Online System

The online system guide shows you how to manage your schedule and account at your convenience. This is a basic guide for using the system. There are many other features that you will discover as you explore online. You will be able to:

  • Make purchases
  • Request specific appointments times
  • Sign-up for classes and workshops
  • View your schedule
  • Cancel appointments and classes
  • View your account details
  • Receive email confirmations when an appointment or class is scheduled, changed, or canceled

Create an Online Account

  1. Click 'Book Now' on the main menu of the BoulderBodyworks website;
  2. The online system will open in a new window;
  3. Click on 'Sign Up!';
  4. Enter your name in the 'New to our site?' Or 'Log in with Facebook' section and click 'Next';
  5. If you previously provided us with your information, you will already be in our system. If your name is found, then select 'This is me!' and follow the steps to verify your identity;
  6. If your name is not found, then click 'Create a new account';
  7. Follow the steps to create your account;

Make Your Purchase

  • Please note that advance payment is required for all service bookings;
  • Once you on the online system you will see 'Make a Purchase' in the upper part of the screen. Click there. Select the type of service you want. Another screen will open, you can choose from the drop down menu on that screen;
  • Follow the steps to checkout;
  • You will be prompted to login if you are not already logged in.

Schedule Appointments

  • Private Pilates, Yoga, Massage and Rolfing appointments can be requested online. This request will NOT be an automatic confirmed booking time as our office administrator will need to approve your request. Once our administrator has approved your request, you will receive an email confirming the appointment time. We do our best to give you the exact time that you have requested. Our administrative support team is available Monday- Thursday 9-5:30pm and Friday 9:00-4:30pm. During business hours, our staff will be constantly looking for your request and they are happy to assist you. If you would prefer to contact them directly to schedule, you can text or call them at 303-444-2739.
  • To schedule duet Pilates sessions or workplace or outcall sessions, please text or call us at 303-444-2739.
  • To schedule with our Osteopathic Manual Therapists, please call.
  • Click the 'Appointments' tab.
  • Follow the steps to select your desired appointment, and make either a single or recurring reservation.

Sign Up for Classes

  • Click the 'Classes' tab;
  • Click 'Sign Up Now' next to your desired class;
  • Follow the steps to make either a single or recurring reservation.

View Your Schedule

  • Click the 'My Info' tab, and then click 'My Schedule'.

Cancel Classes and Appointments

  • Click the 'My Info' tab, and then click 'My Schedule';
  • Click 'Cancel' next to the appointment or reservation you want to cancel;
  • Click 'OK' to confirm;
  • If 'Late Cancel' appears instead of 'Cancel', then you are past the 24-48 hour early cancellation period, and your Package will be charged for the session.

View or Edit Your Account Information

  • Click the 'My Info' tab;
  • You can also view your visit history, purchase history, and account history from this tab.

Auto Emails

You will receive the following automated emails:

  • Appointment Booking Confirmations;
  • Appointment Change Notifications;
  • Class Reservation Confirmations;
  • Cancellation Notifications;
  • Card Expiration Notifications.

If you have any questions, please email us or text or call us at 303-444-2739.

  1. You can text or call us at 303-444-2739.
  2. You can email us.
  3. You can click the button below to book now:

Text or call us at 303-444-2739.

BoulderBodyworks has been selected Best of Boulder for Pilates six years running: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015.

We are delighted to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to seeing you soon at BoulderBodyworks!