Jane Blair

Certified Pilates Instructor and Movement Educator

Jane has been intrigued by the Pilates Method and all it can offer the body since her introduction in Austin, TX in 1998.  At last, a practice to cultivate ease of movement while also still empowering the musculature in a delicious full body experience!  Swimming competitively, a passion for dance, and a Social Science Degree from the University of Texas at Austin all inform Jane’s Pilates instruction, as well as her experience parenting for 18 years.  This culminates in a bold, playful, creative teaching style that embraces colorful imagery and dynamic metaphors to guide students toward confidence in their physical experience.

Jane is committed to spreading the very heart and soul of the Pilates Method and feels honored to share her voice and vision at Boulder Bodyworks. Even after 20 years offering private and group instruction, in both an athletic and therapeutic application, Jane is in love with bodies in all their wonderful uniqueness.