Tambre Rasmussen

Certified Pilates Instructor and Level III Franklin Method Educator

Tambre has over 30 years of experience teaching pilates fitness and rehabilitation. She enjoys working with a vast array of clients ranging from healthy people wanting to become better movers to post-motor vehicle accident clients, prenatal and postpartum women, seniors with osteoporosis, equestrians, elite level cyclists, runners, dancers, competitive figure skaters and those suffering from chronic pain associated with postural stamina and overuse syndromes.

Pilates classes have often been inaccessible to people with serious injuries. Tambre was one of the first to develop lower level pilates rehabilitation classes in the north metro area; making it accessible for those transitioning from passive therapies. She feels it is crucial for patients to believe that they can safely take a more active role in their healing process and rediscover the joy of movement.

Tambre received her Pre-med degree from CU-Denver and completed internships at Health South Physical Therapy and Colorado Center for Physical Therapy. She has over 2000 hours of training with her two Pilates certifications: The Ron Fletcher organization and Polestar Education.

Tambre is also a Level III Franklin Method Educator; one of 43 in the US who have completed this state-of-the-art movement education program. She infuses Franklin Method into every Pilates lesson. Tambre has been on faculty at University of Colorado Dance Department for 4 years. She plays an active role in the local dance community, teaching workshops on injury prevention to young dancers.