Rende Brockwell

Certified Pilates Instructor and Level II Franklin Method Educator

Rende’s greatest pleasure is to help other people feel better in their bodies. In her 23 years of movement teaching experience, she has become a facilitator for those who yearn to understand how to move with ease, rehabilitate, and increase strength. Each body is like a puzzle and each movement session is a chance to find the right piece of the puzzle to propel the body forward into healing, health, strength and mobility.

Rende’s inspirational attitude and positive outlook are the cornerstones of her care and concern for others. Her understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, as well as her interest in neuroplasticity, provides a unique platform to help others feel excited about positive movement experiences. Specifically, The Franklin Method has been integral in helping others understand how to perform Pilates better and how to move with efficiency.

This year, Rende is celebrating 23 years of Pilates. Looking forward to the next 23!

Rende is certified to teach Pilates and Neuromuscular Fitness & Therapeutic Exercise from The Physical Conditioning Centre, Inc. as well as the Ron Fletcher Program of Study. Additionally, she is a certified Level II Frankling Method Educator.